There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life”.
Inspired by this, we ENACTUS Sri Aurobindo College (Eve.) proudly present PROJECT ANNAPURNA’
PROJECT ANNAPURNA is an entrepreneurial model which will provide employment to underprivileged women from Delhi by setting up a link between these women and students staying away from home. These women will provide Quality food (Tiffin Service) to the students staying away from home.
Recently we conducted a survey regarding PROBLEM FACED BY STUDENTS STAYING AWAY FROM HOME in our college. And we found that the most common problem faced by the students is of FOOD. Some of them are disappointed with the quality and some thought that prices were high. So we will provide affordable and good quality tiffin services to the students of various colleges and coaching institutions, staying away from home.
We will also facilitate and provide advice related to Cost Cutting, Market Research, better Marketing Techniques, Hygiene to those women. We students will work as management consultants for them.

Recently Enactus SAC(Eve.) started catering service too and our service received lots of applauses on platter on our various events i.e AAGMAN- The Freshers Party 2K17, 2K18, LAMHEIN – The Farewell Party 2K18, Sri Aurobindo College Evening. We are best known for our Indian main course, followed by chinese platter and sandwich platter. Prices are negotiable. we would love to hear and serve you.

Have any questions or would like more information?

CONTACT-For Catering Services drop us a mail at or reach out to us at +91-9354538794


  • Empowering women by making them self sufficient and independent.
  • Providing low cost (customized) Affordable and Quality tiffin service in the market.


We the people in Enactus Sri Aurobindo College (Eve.) believe in the motto ” We Rise By Lifting Others”, solely dedicated to this motto and committing to use our skills to create a better sustainable world ,we proudly present to you , Our Second Project “ISHTA”. Launched on 7th February, 2019. This project is in association with ISHTA Creation, Run by Ms. Neena Narayan. Read more at
ISHTA is a project which initiates sanitation and promotes hygiene in the society. It is a convenient, hygienic and safe disposable toilet seat cover for the use in multiple user toilets to protect the user from various germs that might be resting on the seat by creating a protective barrier.
We often land up in a situation where we struggle to use a restroom in a public format, fearing that we might get affected by the breeding bacteria or other UTIs infections because of the multiple usage of the restroom.
To avoid this situation we either relieve ourselfs without getting our bodies getting in contact with surface or either avoid using public restrooms.
But finally, you do not have to avoid these situations and its then ISHTA comes handy .
This disposable seat cover  is made up of premium fabric which is soft to sit , waterproof, recyclable and easy to carry. It supports and fits in all types of seats anywhere like in clinic,railways,etc.
It is very convenient to use as there is no need to wet,wipe and sanitize. The user just have to fit cover and sit contact free.Fold ensures no hand contact with toilet seat and holds the cover in place.
The most favourable factor of this project is that it comes in affordable and cheap prices which makes it user-friendly product even more. It comes in packing of 5 covers costing Rs.100
  • Premium soft non-tearable provides a complete protective barrier between the user and the toilet seat
  • Waterproof coating to provide dry comfort
  • Unique design to fit universally on all seats, gives complete coverage safety
  • Easy to carry, easy to keep in a 4’x4′ small pack of 5 covers
  • Unique fold to hold mechanism ensures the cover doesn’t slip during use


Have any questions or would like more information?
CONTACT-For Catering Services drop us a mail at or reach out to us at +91-9354538794.
Order online at BUY ISHTA ONLINE.


  • Prevention of UTIs and other infections unknowingly contracted at times while using toilet seats.
  • ISHTA sale proceeds to organisations constructing and maintaining toilets.